Woodland Design For Deer


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“The impact of deer on woodland is well understood. Deer can adversely affect woodland biodiversity through excessive browsing. This prevents the natural regeneration of trees that threatens the long-term survival of the woodland, and loss of important woodland flora”.

“FC England are working in a variety of ways to try and deal with deer pressure in woodlands and contribute to the Defra action plan “The sustainable management of wild deer populations in England”.

The FC Market Rasen team gives advice on all matters relating to the English Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS) and Felling Licence applications and can be contacted by email ([email protected]) or by telephone 01673 843461.

As there is recognition that wild deer are one of the key threats to woodland biodiversity, and there is an active Deer Group in the county (approved by the Deer initiative), the FC are also able to offer grant aid to help towards the cost of deer management in Lincolnshire.

The sensitive management of wild deer populations is an important element in maintaining or enhancing the ecological value of special woodlands, particularly those of high environmental value (ancient and semi-natural woodlands).

If you consider your woods have this high environmental value then the following grants could contribute to capital and maintenance work.

Woodlands that are Special Sites of Scientific Interest (SSSI) that are in unfavourable condition and not recovering (according to English Nature assessment) may receive Woodland Improvement (WIG) SSSI support at 80% of Standard Costs, if deer are one of the threats that needs to be addressed. Deer support can also be funded for non-SSSI woodlands where it will help deliver improving condition in nearby SSSI woodlands.

Non-SSSI woodlands that are ancient or native and threatened by deer may receive WIG Biodiversity support, if the management helps improve the woodland. Support is offered at 50% contribution of Standard Costs Further information on the type of work that can be supported through the WIG SSSI and WIG Biodiversity funds can be found in FC EWGS Operations Note 012 “EWGS Support for Deer Management” http://www.forestry.gov.uk/pdf/ewgs-on012-deer-support.pdf/$FILE/ewgs-on012-deer-support.pdf

Woodland Assessment Grant (WAG) – ecological WAG can be used to support the  production of a deer management plan in the format promulgated by the Deer Initiative

Woodland Management Grant (WMG) – the following deer related work can be considered as eligible operations: implementation of landscape scale, organised population management; participation in an effective deer management group; monitoring and responding to changes in deer populations

If you would like to know more about what the English Woodland Grant Scheme has to offer in managing deer, David White ([email protected]) the Woodland Officer for Lincolnshire will be pleased to hear from you.