Membership Benefits

The Lincolnshire Deer Group is ‘a not for profit organisation’ and was initiated in 1997 by a local Forestry Commission Ranger when he became aware of the sudden rise in the numbers of Roe and Muntjac deer in the central and northern parts of the county. Now well established throughout all of Lincolnshire, it operates under the umbrella of the “Deer Initiative” and has a broad educational and advisory role. Members and representatives of the group are not expected to canvas or become directly involved in the culling of deer.

We welcome woodland owners as new members of the group from across the county, we are able to offer them the following services:

  • Impartial, expert advice on all aspects of deer management and living with deer in the county
  • Resource library of deer management information
  • Our newsletter “Sightlines”
  • Production of Deer Management plans
  • Deer Management Training

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