Specification – Permanent Metal High Seat

High SeatThe seat is constructed using steel angle iron on the supporting structure, which is independent of the box on top, which means that the box only carries the weight of the person or people.  The supporting frame is of a lattice construction, the font and rear frame welded and the side cross members and sags bolted (double); this gives extra safety and stability specifications.


  • The 4 main angle uprights or legs 70 x 70 x 5mm
  • The 4 bottom cross members angle iron 70 x 70 x 5mm
  • The 4 upper cross members angle iron 40 x 40 x 4mm
  • The 8 sags angle iron 40 x 40 x 4mm
  • The top locating frame and lugs are frame 40 x 40 x 4 angle iron
  • The 2 locating lugs are 70 x 70 x 5mm
  • All steelwork conforms to BS4848
  • The shooting box is constructed from quality treated marine plywood 10mm and 50 x 50 framing.
  • The floor is also plywood 18mm with 100 x 50 floor supports.
  • The roof is also plywood 10mm coated with a polymer for weather protection an also has a weather board skirt 150 x 15mm.

Other features include:

  • The access ladder which is aluminium in one or two-piece format for easy transportation and storage. The ladder can be locked in position when in use or removed when not required giving extra safety and security.
  • Grab rails are provided for safety and also the door can be locked and bolted.
  • Gun rails are fitted to the top edge of the sides and anti slip wire to the floor in the doorway also a seat/bench to sit on.
  • The seat is supplied flat packed and arrives with all fixtures and fittings required to be completed on site.

Prices –

  • Fully galvanised structure price TBA (ex factory).
  • Partly galvanised (Below Ground only) price TBA VAT (ex factory)
  • Delivery and Erection available

Either way galvanised or painted the maintenance required will be minimal and it should give long and reliable service.

This seat has been designed in response to the ever-increasing problems with timber treatment restrictions. Also the problems with Health & Safety and security, i.e. people entering seats uninvited and doing all sorts of unmentionable things which one usually finds by putting their foot in it early in the morning!

For further details and to discuss your requirements please contact our Field Operations manager, Malcolm Armstrong on (07938) 139838, or by email at [email protected]