Deer Injuries & Vehicle Collisions

Deer and roads

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – To report road traffic incidents involving deer that you see or incidents of dead deer on the highway following an incident then please report it to your LOCAL POLICE OR RSPCA, we provide 24/7 assistance via the Police and RSPCA

The toll of deer involved annually in traffic collisions in the whole of the UK is estimated to lie between 30,000 to 50,000 such deer related RTA’s result in several hundred human injuries and some human fatalities each year.

We are working to raise the profile of this problem in the county because as the population of deer rises so will the incidents of traffic collisions.  To better resolve these unfortunate incidents we provide 24/7 assistance to the Police and RSPCA. With a network of approved and trained members who provide a speedy and humane response throughout the county.

The Deer Initiative are involved with a national project on this issue, so if you wish to find our more then go to